Why attend a Beginners Pilates Mat Course?

"The aim of a Beginners mat course is to provide the attendee with the knowledge and understanding of the 12 basic principles applied when executing the exercises created by Joseph Pilates."


These principles are the corner stone of all the exercises. Learning the basic principles in combination with the basic exercises, allows the participant to gain strength and flexibility over the duration of the course. With this progressive understanding and gained strength there comes an ability to achieve the exercises in the Essential and Intermediate classes, such as Jack Knife, Teaser and The Corkscrew.

Neale and Dorothy in training, mid Jack Knife

Once these big exercises demanding, control, balance and strength are achieved, true core strength with flexibility has been gained and is ready to be utilized in any required physical movement.


During the classes we address various postural needs and advise the attendees on which exercises will enhance their individual posture as well as creating awareness around how they hold and move their bodies on a day to day basis.

At Pilates Lifestyle and Wellbeing we encourage those attending the Beginners courses to practice one or two exercises, relevant to their needs, at home between classes. When this is taken on a remarkable increase in postural awareness and strength is gained. This awareness remains with the client even if they do not continue attending classes.

Sharyn - establishing strong engagement through the deep core abdominal muscles, before working into more challenging exercises in a forward flexed positions.

Joseph Pilates created his mat exercises to be used on a daily basis in the comfort of one’s home without the necessity of fancy equipment. Along with other common sense thoughts around health he offered the interested person a way of staying independently healthy in body, mind and spirit.

At Pilates Lifestyle and Wellbeing we aim to continue his philosophy whilst keeping up to date with the latest research and understanding within the fitness and movement industry.

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