Learning the Fundamentals of Pilates Exercises’

Lisa and Dorothy trained in Pilates to support work in a professional performing environment. Sharyn, a qualified Pilates instructor for 5 years has attended classes twice a week for 10 years. Neale a degree qualified Exercise Sports Scientist, also qualified in Pilates is studying Physiotherapy.

We highly regard the fact that all our clients have different needs and goals. We ask to meet and access new clients before they attend group classes so our instructors are aware of what is needed in the class programs. Individuals are paying us to deliver them better health and wellbeing, not a one size fits all standard.

We are well aware it is around the 8th class that a new client BEGINS to become familiar with the exercises, allowing a stronger flow of movement and an understanding of working with their body from the inside out, not the outside in. It takes time, patience and perseverance to build this strength, flexibility and control. We do not promise you a six week make over, we would be lying. Six months of consistent attendance is a realistic discussion point.

Clients who began classes 15 years ago, are still enjoying gaining strength, flexibility and control whilst continuing to deepen their understanding of this complex form of exercise. Most clients combine one Mat Class with one Reformer Class each week, giving their bodies the opportunity to work deep core muscles, without resistance, on the Mat. The Reformer and other equipment utilized enables adding global muscle work with deep core muscles.

Our next 8 week course, ‘Learning the Fundamentals of Pilates Exercises’ begins on 8th October 2019.

For further details contact Dorothy on 0432 269 472, or via our website: www.pilateslifestyle.com.au.

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