Starting your Pilates journey with private lessons is essential. Here's why!

Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and whole lot of other A list celebrities, who rock, sexy, sculpted abs, incorporate Pilates into their everyday fitness routine.

And who doesn’t want a body like Jennifer Aniston!

Understanding the real essence and benefits of Pilates takes time. To perfect the art of control in your body, mind and muscles and the awareness of breath – is something that cannot be achieved within a few lessons, it takes a long time to master.

This is why starting off with private lessons is essential.

You will learn from the beginning the true feeling, of what the moves - that are designed to focus on your core muscles and provide proper alignment of the spine – are meant to feel like.

Unlike group classes, when you have private lessons you have the undivided attention of your professional instructor. They are focusing on one specific body and mind. They can tailor exercises suited to your bodies needs and give in depth explanations, providing you with knowledge you will practice in your every day life.

Their trained eye can see if you are doing the exercises correctly and if not, they will move you into the exact placement, and work through the breathing with you.

This kind of one-on-one collaboration is not as possible in group classes, and lets face it - results are what you are after, so why not learn it right from the start. Once you master these moves, you will be working muscles you didn’t know you had. You will be seeing and feeling the real effects.

Dorothy Roborg-Sondergaard, Director of Pilates Health and Wellbeing in Samford Valley, has a range of clientele with diverse needs, from those with chronic injuries to those seeking general strengthening and body awareness, to high performance athletes. A professional ballet dancer who used Pilates as part of her training, has over 13 years experience in teaching the art of control. The unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises is taught in either private or group lessons on Mat, Reformer & Total Barre classes.

Dorothy is a staunch believer in having private lessons to kick-start your Pilates journey. She speaks of one client in particular, who has been attending Group Mat Class for 5 years. Having to take 5 weeks break due to Mammoplasty surgery, she decided to ease back into classes by taking private lessons.

After 5 weeks working one-on-one with Dorothy, her client was not only astonished at how different the exercises felt, but the transformation in her body. She realized, after all this time, not only was her placement wrong, her breathing was out of sync. "She has continued doing private lessons."

Pilates done right is a work out that challenges your core and is scientifically proven to produce lean muscle and burn calories all day long - unlike cardio – the moment you stop, so does the burning of calories.

Pilates is just not for the fit, but for anyone who has injuries, joints or physical problems. The essence of Pilates movements all come down to resistance training - improving strength, posture and eventually allows pain free movement.

Quality of life is paramount. Book your Pilates private lesson today and watch your health, flexibility and motivation improve all by thinking and doing Pilates moves on a daily basis.

Pilates Lifestyle and Wellbeing hold Private and Group Mat and Reformer Classes from Beginners to Intermediate level.

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