Thank you for such a great year!

As the end of another year approaches it is good to look back on what has been achieved over the past 11 months.

In July of this year Julie Lawless became an instructor at Pilates Lifestyle and Wellbeing. Now with four Pilates instructors, we are able to offer Group Mat, Reformer Classes and Private Lessons at convenient times for our clients.

We have added Stability Chairs to studio equipment and our instructors have enjoyed training on this equipment and have been using them for the benefit of our clients. The Stability Chair is a great tool that is easy to work with and greatly benefits our clients who are looking to improve their range of free movement. Those requiring a strong work out where balance, co-ordination and resistance is required will certainly find what they are looking for on this piece of equipment; it is fabulous. Another addition to our equipment has been the Jump boards for the Reformers. There is no other way to explain working on these other than great fun and yes a lot of work but it feels tremendous.

I am thrilled at the strength, control and flexibility all our clients have gained, especially in the Intermediate class where they are challenging not only themselves but myself also, and are moving toward learning and mastering the Advanced exercises. The Beginners classes are gaining the understanding of how to engage core muscles and then maintain that connection whilst utilising the bigger global muscles. This is a challenge greater than most people imagine; it requires consistent practise and determination. Once achieved there is a greater sense of freedom within the exercises and within the body during day to day life.

During the year I have been privileged to work with some personal trainers, helping them with their own physical needs and bringing a greater awareness of gaining balance in exercise programmes and postural alignment during exercise. It is always important to cover all bases of movement in multiple planes of motion to create well rounded strength in the body.

Pilates Lifestyle and Wellbeing is entering its eighth year of existence. In order to ensure classes are accessible to as many people as possible the cost of our classes has remained constant. Class costs will remain the same in the New Year as we endeavour to continue increasing our knowledge through quality training and furnish our lovely Pilates House with the best Pilates equipment available.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our existing clients and to anyone who has worked with us through this year.

If you are interested in joining our classes in 2018 please contact Dorothy on 0432 269 472 or visit

Dorothy, Sharyn and Julie on the Stability Chair course at Keola Wellness.

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