Total Barre at Pilates Lifestyle and Wellbeing

The Barre in Total Barre is pronounced Bar.....With that sorted, what is it?

This class aims to dynamically strengthen and mobilize all the joints of the body by engaging the muscles in both slow and fast controlled movements. The core muscles must be “on” in order to execute the moves!

Working with music, a stability bar is used to assist the participants to enhance postural alignment, develop spatial awareness and awareness of the body moving within a space.

The principals of Contemporary dance, Pilates and Ballet are all bought together in simple easy to follow moves. Some units use weighted balls, flex bands or stability balls to add an extra challenge.

As a dancer I love to pass on the knowledge and understanding of how to gain the sensation of movement with strength and control and achieving this in a fun relaxed atmosphere where there is no pressure to get it right!

If you enjoy getting on the dance floor and are looking to strengthen your hips, knees, ankles and shoulders whilst creating long strong lean muscles, this is the class that will do it for you.

A block of classes will run on Thursdays at 5pm from the 5th of October 2017 to the 9th of November 2017 at a cost of $60.00 for the 6 classes.

A maximum of 10 in each class, currently 4 spaces left. Contact us to book a spot

or phone 0432 269 472

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