20 minutes of Flexing and Stretching

These exercises are designed for those who do not like or cannot manage to get down onto a mat.

They are also useful for the older people in your families or those with specific injury or pathology who are not able to engage in vigorous exercise.

Aside from a sturdy dining room chair, a few pieces of equipment are suggested to add resistance to the work, however doing the exercises without the equipment but with attention to detail and intent, will also bring about results.

This is relevant for those who are ill, injured or have become sedentary due to age.

If none of these conditions relate to you, gather a flex band, a mini resistance band, weights up to 1 kg, if you have them (these can be substituted with 2 x 400 g tins of food).

Everyone will need the sturdy chair.

Follow the video, adding more reps to exercises you feel the most benefit from, and most importantly enjoy moving your body to stimulate your metabolism.

Mini bands are available to purchase from the studio @ $5.00 per band.

If you know of anyone who is permanently house bound and would appreciate this work please share it with them.

The Cardio work out is on its way!!

Stay safe and healthy, best wishes to all


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