Welcome to the Intermediate Workout

Hallo all.

Wishing you all the very best for this Easter Time. The meaning of Easter, “new life”, has never meant as much as this Easter.

I hope this letter finds you and all your families well and safe.

A new life it certainly is. We have chooks back in our coop, our weed patch has returned to a veggie garden and the house is shining. I had intended to get this “workout” up well before Good Friday, with all this home activity that did not happen!!

This is an Intermediate workout, it runs for 45 minutes. I have reduced the reps to three or five to keep the video as short as possible. Obviously, hit pause and add a few more reps if you feel inclined. If you have not done an Intermediate class before, give it a go. Leave out exercises that look daunting.

At the end of the workout I mention filming some Flex band exercises. I will be recording and posting these ASAP.

Yours in health and to let you know I really miss seeing you all,


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