Director, Reformer and Mat Pilates Instructor

Dorothy has more than 12 years experience utilising and instructing Pilates for a range of clientele with diverse needs, from those with chronic injury to general strengthening and body awareness, to high performance athletes.
Combined with her own experience of using Pilates exercise in her training as a professional ballet dancer, Dorothy has amassed an expert knowledge in effectively applying Pilates movement to the human body in order to improve strength, posture and pain free movement. 

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Mat Pilates Instructor, Athlete Performance Coach

Neale has strong passion for all things health and fitness, with 2 years as a Pilates instructor and Strength and Conditioning coach. He has worked with a range of clients through his work and university degree including elite athletes at the Queensland Academy of  Sport.
Neale enjoys utilising Pilates to help his clients optimise their movement patterns to a more strong, controlled and pain free form. 

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